We host regular workshops in English, French or Haitian Creole to engage with local communities and teach not only why resource management is important but also how people can implement it to live more abundant lives. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to request specific workshops in your area. for regional workshop requests


This workshop pulls from several concepts in sustainable agriculture but has a strong emphasis on practicality. Primarily, we work with local agronomists and farmers to empower them to use sustainable farming practices to produce more abundance in their gardens. We also go over basic ecological concepts like water and nutrient cycles, mimicking naturally occurring abundant systems.


In this multi-part workshop we discuss waste as a whole. From plastics and metals to hazardous materials, we learn about the possibilities that exist with "waste" and how we can use it safely. We help people learn how they can create small businesses using several different types of materials commonly found in waste.


In this workshop we teach local communities how to use their organic waste to produce useful things like biogas and biofertilizer. We demonstrate working big and smaller scale systems, cooking with biogas, appropriate use of biofertilizer and construction of a home biodigester.