Sustainable Resource Management

Island-Centric Solutions

Who We Are

Lakay Vèt provides products and services that allow island nations to achieve economic and ecological prosperity by sustainably managing local resources.

At Lakay Vèt, we treat waste as a resource. Our waste processing systems are not only modular and scalable but they also use a combination of anerobic biodigestion and recycling technologies that allow our customers to profit from resources traditionally wasted. With these systems, small island nations can effectively manage waste domestically as an economic and ecological resource instead of exporting it or letting it damage the environment.


Products and Services


Organics Recycling

Each of our modular biodigester units turn organic waste materials into biofertilizer and biogas. These byproducts can be sold domestically to improve agricultural yield and provide fuel for cooking or electricity for microgrid systems.


Non-Organics Recycling

Our non-organics recycling units are designed to create easily workable raw materials that again can be worked into new products and sold domestically.



We design, build and implement sustainable resource management solutions that are appropriate technologically, infrastructurally and socially for each customer.

feasibility assessments

Feasibility Assessments

We provide feasibility assessments for resource management including the testing and analysis of resource production potential.